Massage Therapy

Benefits of the Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage:
Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage in the United States. Swedish
massages involve the use of hands, forearms, and elbows to manipulate the superficial
layers of muscles. One of the main goals of Swedish massages is to relax the entire
body. This is accomplished by massaging the muscles with longer and more gliding
Some of the main benefits of Swedish Massage are:
● Decreasing stress
● Increasing the level of oxygen in the blood
● Increasing muscle strength
● Loosening joints and improving range of motion
● Speeding up healing from injury and illness

Deep Tissue:
Deep Tissue massages use firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle
and fascia. Deep tissue massages are used to break up scar tissue and to break down muscle
knots that disrupt your circulation and can cause inflammation, pain, and range of motion. It’s
also used for chronic aches and pains.
Deep Tissue massage usually focuses on a specific problem area. Some of the most common
● Upper and Lower back pain
● Neck pain
● Fibromyalgia
● Muscle tension in legs, hamstrings, and glutes

Sports Massage:
Sports Massage is a form of massage geared towards athletes and people that have a
very active lifestyle. It is used to help prevent injuries, to help prepare your body for
athletic/physical activity, and to help your body recover from athletic/physical activity.
There are three forms of Sports Massages. They are pre event massage, post event
massage, and maintenance massage.
Some conditions that respond well to Sports Massage are:
● Tendonitis
● Sore spots
● Swelling
● Muscle sprains
● Muscle tension